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#6 333

Author: Lukas Rehm
Design/editing: Tatjana Stürmer and Rudy Guedj

Printing: Hot foil stamped soft cover, 6 sections CMYK + Silver, 6 sections in black and Pantone Fluo RGB
Edition: 500
252 pages
220×310 mm
ISBN: 978-90-827712-9-9

Borrowing its form and structure from that of a graphic novel, 333 interweaves moving image works by Lukas Rehm with textual fragments from transcripts, retrospective descriptions or referential sources that inform the artist’s process into a narrative of new interdependencies. Sensing for threads such as affect, barriers, memory, knowledge production or post-human timescales, this publication transposes still images and quotes into an analogue sequence echoing the temporal, spatial and sonic dimensions of installative and filmic experiences.

Lukas Rehm (DE, 1989) is an artist and musician working in the field of new media, installation art, documentary, experimental fiction and (music) theatre. His works examine the conditions and theatrics of social structures, the impact of new technological artefacts as well as the role of affect. His practice is informed by collaborative performative methodologies and their respective dispositives and incorporates reflections on cross-historical and -cultural narratives and psychology.

⭐ Selected as one of the Best Dutch Books 2022