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#8 Notes On Devils

Author: Jacob Dwyer

Printing: Black and white offset print on Munken Print White
Edition: 400
80 pages
210×297 mm
ISBN: 978-90-827712-6-8

Notes on Devils is a transcription of the audio drama The Devil Museum — a script — which, with the benefit of time, Jacob Dwyer has re-read, reconsidered, and annotated.
In The Devil Museum, we listen to the audio diary of a man tasked with photographing all 3,000 devil sculptures in a nearby museum. As the project begins to fail and the protagonist spends more time alone in their wooden cabin, the narrative moves subtly into subjects such as boredom, masculinity, and isolation. They cannot start their project because they’ve lent their entire working budget to a character named Martin, who’s constantly promising yet failing to pay him back. In Notes on Devils, we learn how Martin is a construct, an amalgamation of Jacob’s real-life male friends and acquaintances who have awkwardly found themselves in adulthood. Through his annotations, Dwyer elaborates on these influences, thinking through them to eventually imagine new scenes in the piece. Scenes in which these real-life relationships and the forms of masculinity at play within them can also be reimagined.