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#5 We want to look up at the Sun, but could the Sun be looking down on us?

Authors: Rudy Guedj & Olivier Goethals

Printing: Soft cover, 1 section CMYK, 2 sections in black and silver
Edition: 500
144 pages
170×240 mm
ISBN: 9789082771237

We want to look up at the Sun, but could the Sun be looking down on us? is a hybrid translation of the work created for, as well as from the designs of the exhibition I See That I See What You Don’t See (the dutch contribution to the XXII Triennale di Milano in 2019). The pavilion, designed by Olivier Goethals and Rudy Guedj, presented a layered, multidimensional image of the relationship that humans, animals, and landscapes maintain with darkness. With this publication, rather than using a book as the lifeless documentation of a space that doesn’t exist anymore, the designers suggest some kind of timeline to trace back their methodology and give an insight into their respective practices. Presenting sketchbooks, notes, floor plans, visual and textual translations of the material created before, during, and after the exhibition design process, the publication explores thoughts on cosmology, our relation with the sun, the forming and disappearing of images, and the potential of analogies when building narratives.